Hey there, I'm Brooke!


I’m a wedding and elopement photographer serving the DC Metropolitan area, Asheville and beyond. Aside from my passion of capturing authentic love stories I also love shooting boudoir and portrait photography! I can hardly call this all a “job” because since dedicating myself fully to photography I feel like I have never worked a single day since then. That’s the dream right?

Behind the camera, I live for views of foggy mountain tops, creating new vegan recipes, doing face and hair masks, binge watching King of the Hill and The Office for the millionth time, attempting to snuggle my hedgehog who won’t snuggle me back, accessorizing in gemstone jewelry and tattoos, traveling to new places, collecting as many pairs of Vans as I can, hitting up museums and art galleries, and drinking my daily kombucha from a wine glass because I am classy AF. And I should probably mention that I am Trader Joe’s number one fan and go to concerts every chance I get (some times multiple times a week) because once you follow me on Instagram you will see both of these things come up all the time on my stories. 

Photographer and client wise, we are the perfect match for each other if you are laid back and are looking for the world’s most chill photographer (seriously, ask all my past clients about me and they will back me up here), down for adventure and having fun, open minded and free-spirited, care more about having photos from our time together that capture authenticity and raw emotion rather than looking perfectly posed and value photography and art! If I sound like someone you can hang with, shoot me a note and we will take it from there!

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Core Values & Beliefs



Listen here, friends…. I am here to give you the best photography experience EVER! From the moment you book me, you will have my word that I will work my hardest to give you everything you need and more to have a positive and memorable photography experience with me whether you book me for your wedding, a portrait session or a boudoir session. I am an incredibly proactive person and make sure that prior to your shoot we are set up for success. I always answer emails, texts and calls from my clients as promptly and thoroughly as possible. I always make sure to have a backup shooting plan incase of bad weather. I am there to help if you need suggestions on outfits and locations. I work to deliver your final photo gallery in a very timely manner. I listen and take into account all of your wants, needs, and concerns. Rest assured, I am here for you.


My main goal during our is to make you forget that I am photographing you. Seriously I want you to forget I am pointing a camera in your face during our time together. By the end my sessions, most of my clients have lost track of time because they are having so much fun. Not going to lie, having a camera in your face can be pretty stressful and overwhelming if you are not use to being photographed on the daily (which most people fall in that boat). The last thing I want is for you to feel vulnerable during our shoot.


One of the biggest reasons I love what I do is getting to meet and document so many people's stories from all walks of life. I love celebrating and being around diversity in all forms. I strive as a person to promote love and acceptance for all and will never turn anyone away based off their race, sexuality, politics or religious beliefs. I will never discourage anyone from being who they truly are especially during a shoot when the whole point is to capture the real you!


Just like you, us photographers are real people too trying to keep our businesses alive and provide for ourselves. With that being said, my pricing is based off my experience, the time I dedicate to my work, business expenses and what it cost for me to live. I strive to be incredibly transparent right off the bat with my pricing so there are no surprises later on. I also believe in pricing that values the integrity of not only my art but others in my industry as well so I do not offer discounts or undercharge the industry standard. With all that being said, rest assured if you choose me as your photographer what you invested will reflect my services and your final products!


My Style & Approach


In case you didn’t have a chance to read any of the reviews from my past clients, the overwhelming consensus is that I am pretty much one of the most laid back people to work with and be around. The way that I operate on your wedding day, at your boudoir session or portrait session is a total reflection of who I am personality wise. I want everyone I meet to feel comfortable around me and be able to live their truth. Most of my clients tell me before their shoot they are nervous because they don’t know how to pose in photos. Want to know a secret? I don’t know how to pose you in photos either nor do I want to. Instead, I am all about taking a natural approach when shooting you that does not make you feel awkward, vulnerable, and overwhelmed. My photo style shows off natural movement, raw emotions, and the raw chemistry between all my couples. Whatever environment we are shooting in whether its out in nature, in a big city, a coffee shop, your home or wherever else I also make sure to capture the beauty around us in your shoot. Simply put, my clients and the environment around me are my biggest inspirations.

My editing style is on the warmer and earthier side of the dark and moody spectrum with a vintage film vibe (even though I shoot 100% digital I just love the look of old film photos). I am all about preserving color, details and skin tones. Also I just LOVE adding a good bit of those classic black and whites into my final galleries. The hardest part of my career is choosing whether or not to keep an image in color or put it in black and white…. Really guys the struggle is so real! 



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