Best Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

Brooke the Person

Fun Facts

Trader Joes should pay me to be an influencer because I am their # 1 fan (seriously though…). I can easily spend a whole lot of time and drop a whole lot of money in Trader Joes. I can talk about it for hours and I even do Trader Joes Hauls and recipe creation on my instagram stories.

I absolutely adore live music! I have been to over 45 shows over the past 3 years all over the the DMV and beyond. My top 5 favorite concerts have been Armin Van Buuren, The Shins, Fleet Foxes, Coldplay and Phish.

My all time favorite parts of weddings to capture are first looks and the reading personal vows! Not going to lie, even after documenting 70 plus weddings, it doesn’t get any easier for me to keep myself composed during these moments…. It gets harder!

I have been vegan since January 2, 2018 and it was the best thing I have ever done for my health, the planet, animals ( aka sentiment beings) and my taste buds! I can’t say enough good things living a vegan lifestyle.

Every year for the past 6 years I have taken the Myers-Briggs Personality test and every single year I have been an ENTP (The Debater). Sometimes personality tests can be a joke but I overwhelmingly see all of the traits of an ENTP in myself.

If I was restricted to watching only 3 shows the rest of my life, they would be Curb Your Enthusiasm, King of the Hill and The Office. I can drop quotes and references to any of the 3 shows on que.

My favorite animals are hedgehogs and I own one named Cosmic Chip the Space Hedgehog. He is the spikiest, feistiest and cutest animal in the whole wide world!

Brooke the Photographer

How I “fell” into photography

In 2009 I literally “fell” into photography during my senior in high school when I broke my foot playing tennis and was put into 2 photography classes to replace my gym class I was supposed to take ( PS I am not very athletic incase you were wondering). I would of never in a million years guessed that those two classes would light a fire of passion in me to pursue photography seriously. After years of messing around with a camera for fun and realizing that the corporate world is not for me, I decided to take my passion seriously. Fast forward to 2018 I am a full time wedding photographer. Creating art with a camera and capturing authentic celebrations of love has grown into not only my business, but my life’s passion and purpose.

Photography Style

The best way to describe my style is a hybrid between documentary and fine art photography. Simply put, I love capturing moments throughout the wedding day in the most artful way possible. My photo style shows off natural movement, raw emotions, and the raw chemistry between all my couples. I am a natural light photographer that edits on the warmer and lighter side of dark and moody with a film vibe (even though I shoot 100% digital) while preserving colors, details, and skin tones.

Wedding Photography Philosophy

As a wedding photographer, I believe in capturing real moments and real emotions. None of that posed / fake stuff for me because that's certainly not you and that's not your wedding day. When my couples look back on their wedding day years down the road, I want them to remember the day for what it truly was. I believe in creating photos for my couples that are artistic, meaningful, and emotional. I believe in shooting with a purpose and strive to be as intentional as possible when I take a photo. I believe that my role of being the ultimate observer during your day is so important and an honor. Preserving one of the most important days of your life is something I take so seriously. To me, being a wedding photographer is more than just snapping your camera during the standard wedding moments but watching for those in between moments that happen throughout the day that you will want to cherish forever.

Feeling like you could hang with me your whole wedding day? Come say hello and tell me all about your authentic celebration of love because I'm DYING to know all about it!

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